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Painting a mural requires more than a wall and paints. It's more than designing with raw materials. It requires inspiration. I become engulfed in the painting as I surround myself with music, color and imagination.

The mural project begins with a design of a theme concept relative to size, style, existing interior colors and lighting. Mural pricing is based on the amount of detail desired, and the project budget.

When I'm commissioned to do a mural, the client usually has something in mind when I arrive. When composing the mural, I look at the surroundings. In a home, I can find a reflection of the client's personality or heritage. There is usually an overall theme, and the purpose of the space is considered.

For example, a client may have a small place that needs to look expanded, or a church wants a wall to reflect a celestial theme. Whether it's bringing the outdoors in, or designing a storybook composition for a child's room, I strive to capture the client's vision. Whether the task at hand is a single image, or a full detailed wall, I try to exceed their expectations.

My mission is to design an original image, or apply a given theme to a space that inspires, excites and transports the viewer into their new visual surroundings.